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Author Topic: co-founder level/avoice  (Read 5563 times)

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co-founder level/avoice
« on: July 08, 2006, 01:36:13 AM »

There should be a Co-founder mode, and the deletion of /cs identify <pass> to protect the channel and it's founder, also I'm a regular at a server that uses anope services, and I see that alot of channels voice their users, and that there should be an option "avoice" where it voices all it's users who join, but not the use of vop.


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(No subject)
« Reply #1 on: July 08, 2006, 01:49:27 AM »

Just SET SECUREFOUNDER and give the person who would need founder-access the channel's password.
Then they can /cs identify to the channel to get founder rights, but the channel cannot be dropped nor ownership transferred due to the SECUREFOUNDER.
SECUREFOUNDER limits access to SET FOUNDER and DROP to the official founder's nickname.

[2006-07-08 - 02:52:33] [ChanServ] Syntax: SET channel SECUREFOUNDER {ON | OFF}
[2006-07-08 - 02:52:33] [ChanServ]
[2006-07-08 - 02:52:33] [ChanServ] Enables or disables the secure founder option for a channel.
[2006-07-08 - 02:52:33] [ChanServ] When secure founder is set, only the real founder will be
[2006-07-08 - 02:52:33] [ChanServ] able to drop the channel, change its password, its founder and its
[2006-07-08 - 02:52:33] [ChanServ] successor, and not those who are IDENTIFY'd with ChanServ.

Autovoice can be done by using the Access Levels system.
If you are using the ACCESS LEVELS system instead of the xOP systeem, then you can have your chatters be autovoiced by setting the SECURE option to OFF ( /msg chanserv set #channel secure off ) and the AUTOVOICE level to 0 or -1 ( /msg chanserv levels #channel autovoice 0)

If you still want to use the xOP system, then have a look at this paid module by Trystan: cs_automode

[Edited on 2006.7.8 by FiXato]
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