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Possible scripting for automatic botserv set up??


Basically I want to know if it is possible to make a script that executes commands line by line that can be used to automate the process of setting up a bot with the botserv...for example make it to where you pre write the add to badwords list, caps, etc. line by line and then write out the ttb and all that so it does it by itself instead of having to it line by line manually, i plan on setting up detailed botserv bots accross completely different servers and would like to have one script i use to easily set it up...thanks for any info in advance!

Anything is essentially possible via scripting. There is nothing within Anope to simply do this, though a template system built into BotServ may not be a bad idea. As for how to script it, that depends on your IRC client. If you use a client that supports scripting, that's probably the best bet; otherwise you'd need to have a simple shell/perl/python/etc... script that connects, gets permissions (nickserv, oper, etc) and does the botserv setup.


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