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Author Topic: Addition of "ChanServ Flags" feature  (Read 9914 times)

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Addition of "ChanServ Flags" feature
« on: May 31, 2009, 04:06:15 AM »

I think this would be an excellent idea, adding this mode would allow channel owners to add rights to users based on nick!ident@host masking.

Here's what the flag's mode on ChanServ looks like in ATHEME

04:03:49  -ChanServ-   ***** ChanServ Help *****
04:03:49  -ChanServ-   Help for FLAGS:
04:03:49  -ChanServ-   
04:03:49  -ChanServ-   The FLAGS command allows for the granting/removal of channel
04:03:49  -ChanServ-   privileges on a more specific, non-generalized level. It
04:03:49  -ChanServ-   supports both nicknames and hostmasks as targets.
04:03:49  -ChanServ-   
04:03:49  -ChanServ-   When only the channel argument is given, a listing of
04:03:49  -ChanServ-   permissions granted to users will be displayed.
04:03:49  -ChanServ-   
04:03:49  -ChanServ-   Syntax: FLAGS <#channel>
04:03:49  -ChanServ-   
04:03:49  -ChanServ-   Otherwise, an access entry is modified. A modification may be
04:03:49  -ChanServ-   specified by a template name (changes the access to the
04:03:49  -ChanServ-   template) or a flags change (starts with + or -). See the
04:03:49  -ChanServ-   TEMPLATE help entry for more information about templates.
04:03:49  -ChanServ-   
04:03:49  -ChanServ-   If you are not a founder, you may only manipulate flags you
04:03:49  -ChanServ-   have yourself, and may not edit users that have flags you
04:03:49  -ChanServ-   don't have. For this purpose, +v grants +V, +h grants +H,
04:03:49  -ChanServ-   +o grants +O and +r grants +b.
04:03:49  -ChanServ-   
04:03:49  -ChanServ-   If you do not have +f you may still remove your own access
04:03:49  -ChanServ-   with -*.
04:03:49  -ChanServ-   
04:03:49  -ChanServ-   Syntax: FLAGS <#channel> [nickname|hostmask template]
04:03:49  -ChanServ-   Syntax: FLAGS <#channel> [nickname|hostmask flag_changes]
04:03:49  -ChanServ-   
04:03:49  -ChanServ-   Permissions:
04:03:49  -ChanServ-       +v - Enables use of the voice/devoice commands.
04:03:49  -ChanServ-       +V - Enables automatic voice.
04:03:49  -ChanServ-       +h - Enables use of the halfop/dehalfop commands.
04:03:49  -ChanServ-       +H - Enables automatic halfop.
04:03:49  -ChanServ-       +o - Enables use of the op/deop commands.
04:03:49  -ChanServ-       +O - Enables automatic op.
04:03:49  -ChanServ-       +a - Enables use of the protect/deprotect commands.
04:03:49  -ChanServ-       +q - Enables use of the owner/deowner commands.
04:03:49  -ChanServ-       +s - Enables use of the set command.
04:03:49  -ChanServ-       +i - Enables use of the invite and getkey commands.
04:03:49  -ChanServ-       +r - Enables use of the kick, kickban, ban and unban commands.
04:03:49  -ChanServ-       +R - Enables use of the recover and clear commands.
04:03:49  -ChanServ-       +f - Enables modification of channel access lists.
04:03:49  -ChanServ-       +t - Enables use of the topic and topicappend commands.
04:03:49  -ChanServ-       +A - Enables viewing of channel access lists.
04:03:49  -ChanServ-       +F - Grants full founder access.
04:03:49  -ChanServ-       +b - Enables automatic kickban.
04:03:49  -ChanServ-   
04:03:49  -ChanServ-   The special permission +* adds all permissions except +b and +F.
04:03:49  -ChanServ-   The special permission -* removes all permissions including +b and +F.
04:03:49  -ChanServ-   
04:03:49  -ChanServ-   Examples:
04:03:49  -ChanServ-       /msg ChanServ FLAGS #foo
04:03:49  -ChanServ-       /msg ChanServ FLAGS #foo foo!* VOP
04:03:49  -ChanServ-       /msg ChanServ FLAGS #foo foo!* -V+oO
04:03:49  -ChanServ-       /msg ChanServ FLAGS #foo foo!* -*
04:03:49  -ChanServ-       /msg ChanServ FLAGS #foo foo +oOtsi
04:03:49  -ChanServ-       /msg ChanServ FLAGS #foo TroubleUser!*@* +b
04:03:49  -ChanServ-   ***** End of Help *****

Naram Qashat

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Re: Addition of "ChanServ Flags" feature
« Reply #1 on: May 31, 2009, 04:24:34 AM »

We might do this, we might not do this.  I do question why you want to turn Anope into Atheme, though...


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Re: Addition of "ChanServ Flags" feature
« Reply #2 on: May 31, 2009, 08:36:46 AM »

I am not intending to turn Anope into ATheme, But There is one slight difference between the 2 service packages, ATheme does not run under Windows, and sadly I do not run linux, therefore these features would be useful to me, and other's who use Anope as thier services package.

For example if you did not add the AutoOwner mode (as in the other topic), and added this FLAGS mode, the flags mode could also be used to add AutoVoice to all, eg. CS FLAGS #channel +V *!*@*

Infact, If I think about it the FLAGS mode would be pretty useful, and is more configurable than having the AutoOwner mode for instance.

Darth Panda

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Re: Addition of "ChanServ Flags" feature
« Reply #3 on: July 05, 2009, 03:32:23 AM »

I don't see the need to take the vast amount of time to code something that the ircd can override anyway.

For example, lets say you give flags +q and only +q to bob. On ircds that use channel mode +q, it usually denotes the channel founder and +q users can also do +a,o,h,v and b without having those other flags as well as do nearly all of what you are trying to regulate. Likewise with +a and +o. So giving the other flags is rather pointless because you can not restrict the setting of modes associated with their flags. Not to mention that +o users should have the ability to ban, voice and kick other users or there would be no need for them to be ops in the first place.

Sure Anope can reset modes and topics when set by users that don't have the correct flags, but now you are not only wasting peoples time but bandwidth and cpu cycles too. Why not just do as IRC has been done for the last 20 years and only give ops to those you trust with it. It's not that difficult of a task and most definitely less complicated than this debacle.

Your +V *!*@* example can already be achieved if you turn off xop mode, which would need to be off to use flags anyway.

I can agree that flag based access to manipulate channel data would be slightly useful like your +RfAF flags, but clearly a waste of time when trying to allow/deny the setting of modes that Anope can't prevent to start with, which is the original purpose of channel operators. Such flags should stay in eggdrop bots where they came from.
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