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How to Sync NickServ and phpbb?

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Hi, I was wondering if anybody knows how to sync the nickserv database with phpbb.
I want to clearify a bit.
I mean these :
1)If users registers in phpbb forum , nickserv should take the same username and password.
2)If users changes their password via phpbb,password must be changed on nickserv too.

I have seen these features on few server(ircd) , and i am really excited to have this services on my network too.

If anyone of you know how to do this, reply me a.s.a.p.

Thank you for providing me a oppurtunity to post my question
ppBHB rocks!
So does anope! :)

Short official answer: you cant.

Anope only writes to sql, not reads from sql. If you seen this elsewhere, then you likely seen it on a different set of services or someone has written a proxy to do it and if that is the case then you should go ask them.

Jan Milants:
As katsklaw said, there is no easy way to do this since the anope sql database is read only, but there are still ways to do it..

For simple tasks such as registration and password changing you may want to look at heinz's mysql_cmd module which allows you to give commands to anope through MySQL. The module however is still under development and its author has vanished... what you need is pretty basic though, so might work.

You will have to edit your board to send commands to the module though, and there isn't really a manual available on how to do that. The documentation on how to order the module to do things is in its header.

Another alternative is xmlrpc, but that s wayy more complicated...

Thank you guys for your help.
Viper can you tell me where can i find heinz's mysql_cmd module ?

Also it would be great if you pass me the link for nickserv`s mysql manual.


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