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Not enough polls - What Anope do you use....


Right, time for a poll in here and get some action going. The question:

What Anope version do you use and how often do you update?

Simply put; if you're using the Stable 1.6.x I'm pretty sure that you'll use it and whenever another version comes out eventually upgrade. But what about 1.7.x ? Do you grab releases or keep track of SVN or...  Just curious ofcourse ;-)

I hope this works ;-)

Ha ha, first post. Talk about lame ;-)

Anyway, I see I'm missing a possible option but what the heck. Our network runs the unstable 1.7.x version and we only upgrade whenever a new version has been released. But naturally there are exceptions to this rule.. Last year or so I also implemented a few SVN snapshots simply because I faced a few bugs and really wanted them gone.

Fortunatly for me the developers (I believe it was GeniusDex) wrote a quick patch so that I could first update the version I was running, but because I didn't feel like adding the patching to our "disaster recovery scheme" (=instructions how to wipe out / re-install the virtual zone on which Anope is running and instructions how to setup both Anope & Unreal automated) I basicly changed that temporarily to "grab the latest SVN snapshot".

But in th overal we're using regular releases.

what is SVN mean? :">

Pieter Bootsma:
SVN stands for Subversion, a revision control package. It keeps track of the source code for us and makes sure we can track all changes.

Hi all,

Am loving the 1.7 release :-)

I run UnrealIrcd at the moment with Anope Services.

Was running ircservices first, but found that to be too unstable.

forgot to mention:

Running it on a Mandriva2006 based server.

I'd like to thank everyone that works on Anope for their excellent work

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