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Indeed, that's the one.
It shows what relations there are between the tables and the minimal and maximal cardinalities between them.
So for instance, the relation of a user that can have multiple rooms, but a room that can't be owned by more than one user, can be shown in an ERD.

I was going to make a web interface for my network, but it wouldn't be much good unless it was live.
In the future, when anope might use mysql alone, I'll reconsider it.

Very usefull, though. Good job.

I'm working on the same thing.. that's why I made this, I was also looking for some1 that could make a module, but the person I found did not reply my email :( so if any1 wants to make me the DLL, pmsg me for details

Trystan Scott Lee:
Try out the xmlrpc module.. its real time

can anyone write a howto to install xmlrpc to anope?


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