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Sorry to bother you guys/girls, but I need help with a module. I am running a IRC server for a specific rpg game online. I need a module, that will:

 allow users to /msg NickServ REGISTER <passwd> <email> <rpg-ingamenick>

After confirming their IRC nick via the emailed auth code, send out a message to the services channel 'New RPG nick registered %s' (only if <rpg-ingamenick has been specified>

Then a way for the services admins to validate their rpgnick, maybe something like /msg NickServ RPGVALIDATE <IRC-nick>

Have RPGNICK listed in /msg NickServ INFO <nick> all
Hopefully this module isn't too difficult to write, and whoever does it for me - thanks alot! I will really appreciate it. Ciao.

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