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Error delivering mail for ...



After installing and configuring an irc server and anope I'm testing to register a nick.
Anope doesn't send a mail to the user. See subject.

For mail postfix is installed to relay mails to my ISP.
In a shell on same server:
sendmail -F "IRC" -f "" < mail.txt
This command sends mails successfully.

In services.conf I tried several settings for sendmailpath.
Full path to sendmail, just sendmail. With and without -t option.
Postfix first listened on port 587 then also 25.
Postfix listens on now. Before I tried <ip address 192.168.x.y>

Version of anope is 2.0.9-1 on Debian 11.

How can mails be send by anope?
The only error message is 'Error delivering mail for ...'
How do I debug this?


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