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Hi All, asking if posibile to reverse nick on kill on

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Hi guys, i'am using anope services, and are great services, every user has kill on by default, my Question is how to reverse the nick when a user is identified to NickServ. thank u

hi Daniel,
what do you mean by revert?

/ns help logout
/ns help recover

i hope this is what you were looking for.

Hi i mean, a user connects to Irc Server(unrealircd 5) i set 31 second to identify to nickserv or the nickname will be changed, all working ok, but there are users who don't know to set back their nickname, they identify to nickserv all ok, but they talk with "guest..." i have to say to them  type /nick yournick :/ so i want to make it easy if posibile, after they identify to nickserv, automatically nickserv to give their nickname, the command "/nick theyrnick" to be automatly from nickserv, as theyr identify user...

i dont think its possible. :) i mean anope by default does not do such.
you can look around in the module's page, but i never heard of such thing.

try to make em' use sasl.
unreal and anope both capable for that.
also /ns help cert :)

they use qwebirc most of them...


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