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Nick registration via Web/Facebook/Twitter

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So these are the steps:

1) Create simple PHP script for nick registration on the web, updating new table called e.g. 'web_nicks', having user/password combination

2) Enable m_sql_authentication module querying 'web_nicks' table

3) When authenticating users, Anope will check both anope_db_NickCore table + web_nicks table

Is this correct?

Any example for querying WordPress database?


The IRC protocol has many advantages. It has some limit too. This is of course due to some security reasons. But I have alway bin a big fan of IRC.

I get the part of adding a nick and pass to the anope mysql db.
What I don't see is that the registered nick gets automaticly identified.

Reason why this is maybe importend is that in this time people are as lazy as can be. Most of them don't even know the IRC protocol.
They must be able to post and click without using any braincells.

So... My plan is to run the db part from my own website. (That should be no math.)
After that (When using some kind of Web IRC Client) they have to get identified with that automaticly.
I think IRCx did the same in the past with a ticket and auth check.

Maybe a writen connection coneection is also needed for that to let the no web clients connect to the server.

If that should be possible in time (or maybe alreadiy is...) I think more people going to use IRC again and that we can bring it back to it's full glory. :)
I'm going to try to make that possible ,but I was out of it for almost 10 years. So.. maybe it will crush my brain at some point.  ;D

I hope that you see my intentions and plan behind this.

Good luck to all who is busy with this!!!

Greets WorldAxis


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