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No Channel Stats are displayed



I´m having a problem with the Charts of any channel. On the top page, everything seems to be ok, I see the charts on any page.

But if I click on a channel, there will be no data displayed. There stands only a message "Access denied!" See --->

All the same by clicking the other channels. The channel isn´t on the ingore list, the stats are collected, the StatsBot is in the channel and the option "largenet" is disabled.

All the other things work perfect, but this one by showing the channel stats not, I don´t know, what´s the problem.

I hope anybody can help. Thanks.

I rerun ./mydbgen and restart the StatsBot, but the problem is the same.
No one of the channel stats are displayed, there stands only the message "Access denied!"
I´ve checked the config, but I can´t find a problem or error.

this has been fixed in the svn version of phpdenora.
alternatively, disable the hide sp channels feature in phpdenora.


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