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[Request] minor cs_inhabitregistered change

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just requesting a quick change so ChanServ sets mode +qao rather than just +a

also  some minor features if time is possible

on kick or demode or ban, can ChanServ kill the user (not akill) so the user can reconnect.

and if someone bans ChanServ and it rejoins it doesnt unban itself which i thought it might do

i aint in much rush and would be apprieciated :)

[Edited on 12-2-2006 by Tom65789]

Trystan Scott Lee:
maybe some day.. but at this point its working.. any one else whom wants to make it do that stuff can

i better get learning more C then :/

This is a really cool module. People have been asking me to get ChanServ to join their channels, and now I can do it successfully. Thanks

just as a note, i will be willing to pay for someone to do this for me


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