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Graphs Problem....


i have registered my network to searchirc and netsplit but it doesn't show the graphs... what am i doing wrong?? have a look

Simple reason for that is because you didn't READ the comments in phpDenora's config:

--- Quote ---# Set your network ID of SearchIRC features.
# For more information about being ranked on SearchIRC visit
# To find out your ID go to your network information page (usually
# then right click on the Users graph on the right to get its path and get the number from the 'n=' parameter.
$pd_searchirc = "<id>";
--- End quote ---

You made the same mistake of not reading for the option too:

--- Quote ---# The URL parameter for the features, usually your network name.
# For more information about being ranked on visit
$pd_netsplit = "<networkname>";
--- End quote ---

oh i get it.... ! i will fix it !

i fixed the netsplit graphs but not the searchirc..... it seems i am not listed but i have applied a week now... !


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