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Invalid link credentials? Wha..?


InspIRCd 1.2 RC2
Anope 1.9.x SVN trunk (then again, the exact same thing happened on 1.9.0 itself)

I went through my usual configuration, made sure I had nearly identical configs for both the IRCd and the Services so that the same settings are basically 'transferred' and mimics as to what I use on my own server.

But the odd thing is, back when InspIRCd 1.2 RC1 was out, I had no problems, Anope connected fine and all that. Now with RC2, there is an Invalid link credentials that it keeps giving me. I've double-checked, triple-checked, even re-did the entire configs for both, yet I still can't get them to talk to each other.

I have the link block right, I have the same stuff in the services config, the password is the same, the port is right, I've checked it over and over again. If there is any info I can give, I'll be sure to give it.

Naram Qashat:
I heard there were issues with Services linking in InspIRCd 1.2 RC2, update to their SVN, they have it fixed there.

SVN huh. Mk, I'll give that a try then. (hooray for more reconfiging XD) Probably will come to edit to see how that went.

Guess the SVN did the trick. Considering I'm using the trunks of both. Hehe.

So far, I've found a couple bugs that I found odd. I am an oper, highest level there is, I am listed in the Service Root Admin for the services, and yet, I can't issue an /os shutdown/quit command? That doesn't make any sense. But, I'm using SVN, so there are bound to be bugs somewhere.

Naram Qashat:
Yes, the latest SVN of Anope might have fixed that, but more than likely, if it's still not working, it's known, mainly because we have been changing how Anope's operators are handled.


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