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cs unban will only unban vhost if used

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Obi Wan:

just a small question for the community. When someone identifies with nickserv and changes to its vhost the /cs unban command will only unban his vhost. The problem here is that if you were banned under your real host inspircd 1.2 seems to look for both hosts and if the real host is still banned you still won't be able to join that channel. Is that an expected behaviour or more a bug? Or more to say... is that "problem" already known or is there a simple fix I just haven't seen?


I would think it is expected behavior..

/msg hostserv off
/cs unban
/msg hostserv on, perhaps?

Josh Johnson:
This would probably be a problem on networks which unload HostServ's OFF command to prevent ban evasion, though a simple reconnect can fix it, it's easier tracked by the IRC-Ops and more inconvenient to the ban-evader. This is near-impossible for completely innocent users who are trying to /cs unban themself. The only way around this if the OFF command is unloaded, is to group/register a nick without the vHost.
I think ChanServ should probably check for both the vHost AND the real host (at least with certain protocol modules) when using !unban [nick] and /cs unban.
Just my opinion, though.

Edit: Oh wait, didn't see this was a 1.9.x post. Can you unload the HostServ->OFF module in 1.9.x? I sure hope so.

Only thing with that is it potentially leaks a user's real host.

Jan Milants:

--- Quote from: mooncup on March 29, 2009, 11:57:41 AM ---Only thing with that is it potentially leaks a user's real host.

--- End quote ---
I don't know about 1.9, but in 1.8 that would only be an issue when using !unban as /cs unban only allows you to unban yourself.. it can't be made entirely impossible to give away a users' IP without compromising the unban ability, but if the user has to perform the command himself he should at least notice it...

as for the original problem, I believe the 1.9 had the ability to store real host, vhost and masked host (was missing in 1.8) so it should be possible to unban all...


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