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King Pin:
I just checked out latest trunk, compiled and hooked up to inspircd (also latest svn), the services start up and respond fine but are not loading the nick/channel etc db's. I found the db-convert binary and ran it, it went thru the motions and finished, still services wont recognize old channels etc. any ideas would be appreciated. thanx.

You'll need to restore your DB's from backups while Anope is NOT running before running the convector.
I believe the problem you experienced was because you had already run Anope, causing it to overwrite the existing DB's with it's own data (nothing.)

King Pin:
I restored a backup I made a few minutes before updating. I ran converter, started anope and still nothing. its connected since all bots are responding fine. I redid it all but captures output to text and t showed

--- Code: ---^[[1;34mAnope 1.8.x -> 1.9.x database converter^[[m

You selected plain
Trying to merge nicks...
Wrote account for user passlen 12
Writing: User's nick: User
Trying to merge channels...
iteration 0
iteration 1
iteration 2
iteration 3
iteration 4
iteration 5
iteration 6
iteration 7
iteration 8
iteration 9
iteration 10
Read #somechannel founder User
Merging is now done. I give NO guarantee for your DBs.
--- End code ---

if I understand correctly (i shortened the log posted above in order to not clutter) it found all the users I had and all the channels I had but when I started it none of the bots joined and none of the chans show up as regged.

Naram Qashat:
db-convert is incomplete and meant for Anope 1.9.2 when we change the database format from a binary format to a plain-text format.  In order to upgrade to 1.9.x currently, you have to just copy your 1.8 .db files to the services directory of an installed 1.9 while it's not running, then when you run 1.9, it'll properly read the files.

King Pin:
had to put them in the data dir! in the conf it said relative to the executable so I kept putting them in the bin....

thanx :)


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