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services not staying started

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[Mar 14 15:55:47 2009] Done reading configuration file.
[Mar 14 15:55:47 2009] Loading IRCD Protocol Module: [inspircd12]
[Mar 14 15:55:47 2009] Loading Encryption Module: [enc_none]
[Mar 14 15:55:47 2009] Anope 1.9.1-explodes-on-impact (0) (ircd protocol: InspIRCd 1.2) starting up
[Mar 14 15:55:47 2009] Error while loading ms_rsend: Don't like memo reciepts, or something.
[Mar 14 15:55:47 2009] Error while loading os_sgline: Your IRCd does not support SGLine
[Mar 14 15:55:47 2009] Error while loading os_oline: Your IRCd does not support OMODE.
[Mar 14 15:55:47 2009] os_info: Directive OSInfoDBName loaded (os_info.db)...
[Mar 14 15:55:47 2009] Databases loaded
[Mar 14 15:55:47 2009] Info: Reflecting database records.
[Mar 14 15:55:47 2009] Connected to Server 1 (localhost:9028)

ok this is an odd one. as you can see it connected just 1 problem right after anope is not running and the pid file is gone. there is nothing in any log for inspircd.

what should i look at ???

Charles Kingsley:
Using 1.9.1 is a bit dangerous, be warned!

If you can run it via ./services -support it would help us identify where the problem lies.

ok here is the log.

1 additional item the pid file is now remaining but anope is not running

Charles Kingsley:
Does it just "stop" there?

Do you have a ULine in place?

yes i have a u-line in place.

and yes it just stops


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