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operserv error

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I am running

--- Code: ---./services -debug -nofork

--- End code ---

I get the following message

--- Quote ---The value for <operserv:servicesroot> can not be empty!

I am new to all of this i am int eh process of creating a test ubuntu server that hosts an irc server with services.

any help would be great!
--- End quote ---

You must set your servicesroot setting in your services.conf first, and make sure it is uncommented. (doesn't have a # at the beginning of the line)

exactly what it says.. in services.conf you need to set services root, a super user. its in the file as ServicesRoot   "MyNick"
You can have more then one (space separated). Reload, and register the root nick with Nickserv.


--- Code: ---IRCDModule "unreal32"
RemoteServer 6667 "services"
ServerName "services."
ServicesRoot "mbrown"

--- End code ---

that is what i have isnt that right?

i have not registered anything with nickserv because i have not tried it yet bc i was following the instructions that i had.

Naram Qashat:
Ok, here's the real question.  Are you using Anope 1.8.0 or Anope 1.9.0?  The error message you posted is from 1.9.0, but the lines you pasted just now are from a 1.8.0 configuration file.  If you are trying to move from 1.8.0 to 1.9.0 (which I wouldn't recommend for a production network), you need to do the entire configuration from scratch, the format is not the same.


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