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tables.sql missing?



I took on the task of compiling the latest SVN Anope on my linux CentOS server.
All went well but it seems that tables.sql is missing from the package.

Was this done on purpose or is it safe to use the one in the 1.8 package?

In addition:
I also cannot seem to find any good documentation on the Exact directives to use in the config file in order to get mysql working with anope.
(and yes I have looked in docs/MYSQL, it does not contain any info on the directives themselves).

I have used the 1.8 tables.sql file and  changes the services.conf file according to the docs/MYSQL file.
However Anope is not saving any data to mysql and it is not reporting any errors in the logs.

Could someone post an example on how it should look in the services.conf file?

Jan Milants:
MySQL has been stripped from 1.9 at this stage... it s dev/svn for a reason  :)


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