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compiling svn build


ok i d/l the svn trunk and executed the config. it seemed to compile but i didn't get what i wanted.

i want to get it compiled to allow connecting to inspircd 1.2 i see the source fot the protocol but as i am not very experienced. it didn't seem to install or compile.

could someone guide me in whats the correct way to compile the svn


Naram Qashat:
Firstly, how did you try to compile it in the first place?  If you can provide those steps, I can see what I can do.

these are the steps i did


used all defaults

and followed the directions the compile gave me

also i'm doing this using debian etch

after some playing around and moving files i get this

i have not created my serices conf yet at this point(looks like a step backwards with the single conf file)
and no log file was created


thecastle:~/services2$ ./anoperc start
Starting Anope
chdir(/home/test/services2/../data): No such file or directory
Unfortunately it seems Anope did not start successfully
This error has been logged in your Anope Log file
Located in /home/test/services2/data/logs/
This may help you diagnose the problem
Further help may be available from

Charles Kingsley:
Hi there,

There's an issue with anoperc since the services binary was moved to the bin dir.

I'll look into this now and update SVN shortly with a solution.

Charles Kingsley:
Hi there,

Please update your svn version to release 1942 where I have changed anoperc to identify correctly where the services binary lives.

Please retry again and if it still fails paste the following:

1) output of pwd
2) output of the logfile anoperc points to

You may wish to ensure you have correctly configured anope and your ircd to link by running ./services before using anoperc.

Hope this helps.


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