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Title: UTF-8 Nick Chars Support.
Post by: Eyecu on July 29, 2013, 11:35:09 PM
I know I will most likely get blasted for this but....

As more and more networks are trying to find ways to expand and be unique I can see this as being a good option.  InspIRCd already supports the use of national chars in nicknames with the m_nationalchars module.  Which I've been playing with a lot lately. Problem with it is services does not even recognize the nick then if it uses special characters. I believed it's just a decoding issue, but i have no clue on c++ so I can't even begin to understand how to go about fixing this. The following is from the services log:
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[Jul 29 18:29:26.946566 2013] USERS: Eyecu! (Admin) changed nick to ƥƩų
As you can see the nickname shows up like ƥƩų to services instead of ƥƩų.  I know alot of ppl wont find this useful, but I think enough would to merit it. Maybe as a mod I don't know how to even go about it though.

Title: Re: UTF-8 Nick Chars Support.
Post by: katsklaw on July 30, 2013, 02:58:23 AM
+1 other IRCds and several clients including mIRC also support UTF8. Services following suit would be wise.