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Author Topic: extend /os modlist  (Read 4591 times)

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extend /os modlist
« on: October 28, 2006, 02:44:02 PM »

I think it would be helpful to make /os modlist searchable or filtered however you wish to call it :)

/os modlist current returns all modules loaded, I think is would be nice to filter the list such as /os modlist -f *ns_*, which would only list modules containing ns_ in the name the -f is a simple switch telling operserv that you want to filter the list.

This would be helpful when looking for a specific module and there are many modules loaded, such as listing core modules.

At the same time, /os modlist core can be moved to /os modlist -c so if one wishes to list all botserv modules in the core it would be /os modlist -cf bs_*.
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