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anope et unrealircd 6


comment linker anope avec unrealircd 6

j ai se message *** Connect: Server is not configured to be an outgoing link (has a link block, but no link::outgoing::hostname)

comment r├ęsoudre le soucis

the error message is pretty simple, please check your link block.
in case you cant figure it out on your own from the docus (both unreal and anope has some help (unreal on it's wiki, anope on it's example.conf)), please upload your relevant blocks.
(link and uplink. :) - without pw of course.)

ERROR: Closing Link:[] (Link denied (No link
 block found with your server name or link::incoming::mask did not match))

read my previous comment. :(

Dear LTEF aka christophe,
Learn to read the explicit error message, learn to read the full answers given to you, and learn to read the documentation (often comments in the .conf file).

Unrealircd and Anope have really well explained configuration files, read them.


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