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 ??? | NOTICE | by | Denora | You can not use this command, SQL is designed offline
But: is running correctly  :) Thanks for help Hal900
i Have Denora 1.5 on Windows Server 2012
SQL is Online .
All SQL password are correct, from Denora  and from Database

Trystan Scott Lee:
After what command?

msg Denora chanstats add #MasterStube

but too: msg Denora set SQL ON .. Denora make a Restart, i Login me on Denora , i make msg Denora chanstats add #MasterStube  and Denora Say SQL offine

Trystan Scott Lee:
Setting SQL to "ON" while its running does not guarantee that SQL will be functioning after restart.

/msg statserv ENVINFO

if SQL is Off then you need to open your log files and look at the messages for why SQL is off, this could be because of a setup

from the Log: [Jan 08 17:02:54 2014] SQL not enabled unloading cron_chanstats

now I'm really stumped and are perplexed how to proceed.


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