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Module request/challenge/idea: Mortal /INVITE


Geir Andre Halle:

Module: Mortal /INVITE

- Hoping to run into someone else with too much time on their hands, I post my humble request here. Originally intended to use this project as an excuse to learn making modules, but progress is slow at the rate I'm getting into these things.

- Allow channel operators to request, and optionally get rid of, the Denora statsbot in their channel without admin intervention.


* An /invite from a channel operator adds that channel to database
* Depending on module configuration, selected conditions must be true for inviting channels
* Optionally require a configurable nick to be present in the channel (services)
* Optionally require a configurable channel mode to be set (registered channel)
* Optionally require a certain amount of people inside the channel
* Denora stays in channel according to global configuration
* Perhaps leave if conditions above are configured and no longer true (if set to do so)
* In cases where the Denora client is prone to it, remove channel from database when a /kick is received
- The important part is seeing the goal achieved. Compatibility across server types would be nice too. The ideas outlined is just how I picture such functionality without interacting with the bot directly (as with privmsg).


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