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Hi there,

I show my services were offline so I checked my logs for it and found this panic message:

 PANIC! buffer = :Snipa PRIVMSG :group Snipa02 ****

Is this fatal? Becuse there was offline after that

Dave Robson:
yes its fatal, can you tell us which version of anope your using, along with a list of modules?

/quote version serv*
/os modlist

thanks :)

I'm running: 1.7.13

Current Module list:
Module: cs_appendtopic [$Id: cs_appendtopic.c 901 2005-09-28 14:02:22Z geniusdex $] [Supported]

Module: cs_enforce [$Id: cs_enforce.c 836 2005-06-27 15:39:41Z geniusdex $] [Supported]
Module: hs_request [$Id$] [3rd]

Module: ns_maxemail [$Id: ns_maxemail.c 836 2005-06-27 15:39:41Z geniusdex $] [Supported]

Module: ns_noop [$Id: ns_noop.c 836 2005-06-27 15:39:41Z geniusdex $] [Supported]

Module: os_info [$Id: os_info.c 851 2005-08-10 15:47:42Z geniusdex $] [Supported]

Module: unreal32 [$Id: unreal32.c 931 2005-11-02 17:42:52Z rob $] [Protocol]

7 Modules loaded.

try turning off this mod


I just use the standard installation of anope-dev 1.7.13 and I used always the ns_maxemail :/

But I give it an try

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