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Author Topic: Correct MySQL Usage  (Read 3783 times)

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Correct MySQL Usage
« on: January 07, 2013, 10:34:57 AM »

Hi all,

Just a quick question.  What is the correct method/procedure to switch completely (from the flatfile database), to the MySQL database backend?

I'm currently following these steps:

1) Shutdown services, whilist still running the normal 'db_flatfile' database module.
2) Add the 'db_sql' AND 'db_sql_live' modules to the 'services.conf' file, keeping the 'db_flatfile' database module in place.
3) Start up services.
4) Give services some time to propagate all the database information to MySQL.
5) Shutdown services.
6) Remove the 'db_flatfile' and 'db_sql' modules from the 'services.conf' file.
7) Start up services.

Is this correct, or did I miss something?

The reason I'm asking, is that after the above steps, I see Anope proceeds to insert all the Memo data back into the database again when it starts up (I can see this via 'show processlist' in MySQL).  Is this normal?  Anope does not seem to respond to any commands at this stage, but only after its written everything back to the database.

[EDIT] Just something else I noticed now, was that Anope also proceeds to delete all the data in the Memo table (that its just inserted - again), then stops completely (it splits from the IRC network), without any error in the log.  All the inserts and deletes are present in the log as confirmation.

Thanks in advance.
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