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Hard coded exceptions in services.conf


First of all I would like to thank everyone for a great irc service which as served me well over many years. Second of all, I would like to suggest a feature. It's may not be vital, and it probably isn't very hard to do.

Would it be possible to add "hard coded" exceptions in services.conf? Simply add IPs/Hostnames and session limits that doesn't expire or depend on the .db.

This would be handy for us using (for example) cgi:irc which acts like a proxy. Now I must add an exception that doesn't expire for 999d and 1000 users everytime I add a webbserver or change my hostname, otherwise anope will (as programmed) go to war on it, so to speak.


Dave Robson:
Add the timeout as 0 which never expires.  Regarding the changing of the hostname - wouldnt you have to do that anyway with a .conf setting?

You are quite right, didn't know about timeout 0. Thank you for your fast reply and answer.


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