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How to remove a channel from server


I have moved my channel to another server due to problems on the previous server.  The channel is still open and available on the old server and people still log in there.

How can I remove my channel on that server, please?

what do you mean by "remove"?

if no one will join to the channel, it will be empty. :D thats all.
(there is a drop command for the channel, but i do not recommend it - cuz ppl could still join and even register it.)

why dont you set an akick for everbody and mentio in the kick msg that the channel has been moved to blah blah ?

some ideas for you:
change topic, entry msg and desc, to point ppl to the new channel.

/cs help set restricted
/cs help akick
   (mask *!*@*; reason: same as above.. point ppl to the right place.)

Thank you for the info wil do that

One other question is it possible say for server owner or oper to take over a channel on the server registered by me like replace me as founder and owner?

for a simple oper no, for someone who has access to services, might be.
taking over fully means they have to drop the channel and register it again, or just change the founder itself to someone else, but it can be done only with some right in the "services".


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