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Hmm.. I say bring over love serv and other new entertainment services. I know there is stuff you can download and add it to the package but I am talking about it already being there.

Dave Robson:
The chance of us adding stuff like LoveServ to anope core is practically nil.  This is a perfect example of what modules are for.

While I have LoveServ and GameServ myself I really don't think they should be built in, if they were built in it would be more of a headache for the programmers, and not everybody uses or even wants it.  So for those that don't want it they don't use it.  And it's entirely possible to have LoveServ without having NeoStats, Trystan has it and I got mine from him and it works perfectly.  By allowing people to add the extras that they want it keeps the size of anope down and allows people to customize it how they want it.

right like me i don't need love serv :)

lol then its that simple of adding a comment to take it out and disabling it if it's nto wanted, but I'm sure it would make it easier on the people that have to constantly compile it so it works with every new version won'nt mind it. :P Not everyone finds compiling so easy, yes it's hard to believe but it's true. ;)  But yeah Rob if it's not added that's cool, just an idea.


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