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Author Topic: Botserv say/act notice feature.  (Read 5374 times)

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Andrew B.

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Botserv say/act notice feature.
« on: December 04, 2006, 05:54:04 AM »

A user came to me today and asked if there was a way for them to see who was using the /bs say/act functions at the time they were being used. After thinking it over I realized there was no actual way to view who was using /bs say/act (as a chanop). You can however view who uses as an oper in your logchannel, assuming the configuration is correct.

My feature idea would be some sort of botserv setting maybe /msg botserv set channel botnotice on/off  this would give some form of notice to aops/sops (or 'x' level) as to who was using the say/act at what time. This could reduce abuse of the mode if thats what that user wants for their channel. Could be quiet helpful.
Andrew Berquist,
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